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March 18, 2014
Floer Lab Latest Publication
Floer Lab Latest Publication
A study conducted in the Floer lab has resulted in unexpected insights into the way chromatin is altered upon induction of pro-inflammatory genes in primary mouse macrophages.  These findings will be published in the April 4 issue of PLoS One

Gjidoda, Alison, Mohita Tagore, Michael J. McAndrew, Alexander Woods, and Monique Floer. “Nucleosomes Are Stably Evicted from Enhancers but Not Promoters upon Induction of Certain Pro-Inflammatory Genes in Mouse Macrophages.” PLoS ONE 9.4 (2014): e93971. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093971

What is Transcription?

burtonTranscription is the process by which the enzyme RNA polymerase makes copies of genes in the form of RNA, allowing the information encoded in the DNA to be "expressed". Transcription is a highly regulated process, representing the initial control of the flow of genetic information.

Transcriptional regulation underlies much of development, physiological responses, and cancer. The mechanisms by which RNA polymerase activity is controlled is a central concern of biological research today.

Transcription is controlled by proximal and distal regulatory sequences in the DNA which recruit transcription factors to a gene. Basal transcription factors are thought to participate in the transcription of most genes, while regulatory factors control transcription in a promoter-specific fashion.

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