GEDD faculty offer a series of graduate level courses in a variety of topics. Examples of previous course offerings are listed below. As new courses are offered, we will add them to this page.

Analysis of Transcriptional Networks
Taught by David Arnosti, Lee Kroos and Chichia Chiu.
Synopsis of Seminar (pdf file) (BMB 960, Spring 2006)
Chromatin and Transcription
Taught by Min-Hao Kuo and Steve Triezenberg. (BMB 960)
Gene Expression in Development and Disease
Taught by Zach Burton, Steve Triezenberg, David Arnosti, Bill Henry, and Cindy Miranti
Sample Schedule (pdf file) (BMB 960/CMB 800/GEN 800)
Open Problems in Bioinformatics (CSE 891)
Taught by C. Titus Brown
Transcription in Developmen
Taught by David Arnosti, Lee Kroos and Steve van Nocker (BMB 960)
Transcriptional Mechanisms
Taught by Zach Burton and Bill Henry. (BMB 960)